I'm obsessed
with making things better.

In general, I consider myself a visual problem solver (but by today’s standards, I guess you would call it art direction).

I thrive on finding solutions; my goal is to see the big picture at the starting line, and to sense the best approaches of getting to the end goal in mind.

In attending FIT, my hope was to discover a career pathway that would allow me to take my intuitive skills and translate them to the real world. Learning the standards of digital design, provided the door into a world I didn’t realize was available to me.

As I’ve worked towards completing my degree, I’ve had the opportunity to intern & work as a creative strategist (via brand art direction and marketing strategies), as well as being involved with ui / ux development projects.

These experiences have assisted in developing a pretty thorough and diverse history for me to base my future career goals on. I look forward to graduating this May, and truly applying all that I’ve acquired into into creating solutions that transform the way others see the world.

p.s. I sometimes make music – you can listen here.

Let’s talk.

Email me at [email protected]
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