Milk Makeup

Art Direction • Brand Strategy

Creating a fresh print ad campaign for an existing brand, that highlights what makes the brand set apart from their competitors.


I shot and created this ad campaign with emphasis on the brand’s edgy persona, to highlight a major selling point of the brand – their unique makeup technology.  

Milk Makeup carries a full line of “brush-free” product, targeting consumers who think out of box, and who aim for individualism vs classic makeup techniques and trends.


Art Direction & Photography

Visual Design

Design Process

Thumbnail Drafts

The start of the project was focused on creating the conceptual look and feel of the ads – we began with mockups of what we imagined the final look and feel of the posters to be. 

Campaign Moodboard
Shoot Direction and Feel 

There were several shoot ideas and concepts for photography – we ultimately went for the boldest of the shots, but here’s a look at the variety of images shot in my bedroom, using a Canon DSLR. 

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