Hi, my name is Tan, and I'm a 2020 MAIPer!

Below is a short bit about my experience as a virtual maiper this summer.

MAIP Beginning

When I graduated in May, it was NOT the graduation experience I had imagined when I started my senior year in September. 

Being accepted into the MAIP program was an achievement I was proud to have – finding out in January that I’d officially been picked was a sign of all the good things to come. And then of course, there was COVID-19. 

I was anticipating the worst case scenario, which was of course MAIP cancelling the entire program, and me attempting to find a full-time job role without an in-depth understanding of the industry. Imagine my relief, when MAIP announced that they would be rolling out their first fully virtual summer program. 

True to their word, MAIP kept us updated on what we could expect, and in the weeks before the program, we were given preliminary lessons from experts in multi-media agency roles, as well as being paired with a mentor to prepare us for the MAIP experience. 

Although it was an unexpected beginning to the MAIP experience, it absolutely set a precedent for what MAIP was committed to providing for us as newcomers to the ad world. 

MAIP ending

I’ll be honest, this summer was rough. There were quite a few moments when it felt like it would be impossible to get authentic insight into the roles I was hoping to step into, and definitely times when it felt like I was not going to make it through the program.

That being said, I think the biggest takeaway I got from my summer of MAIP, is that to pursuit a career path, and do it well, it requires that all of my inner world be a reflection of the outer capacity to innovate.

So much of our MAIP experience instilled in us the important of mental health, and working to build a certain level of confidence in our abilities in order to strategize and materialize a marketing industry unlike the ones we’ve seen before. 

I have learned through this time, that I am more than capable of pushing myself to explore deeper, to be flexible in the face of unexpected adversity, and to lean into fear, knowing that solution is found on the other side of it. 

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