GCT: A Navigational Kiosk

UI • UX • Content Design
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Digital Terminal Directory: Users in Grand Central Terminal can utilize digital kiosks to navigate shops, restaurants and amenities, with the ability to have directions sent to their cell phones as a takeaway directional.

Visit Local Attractions: Users can utilize the digital kiosk to view attractions in the vicinity, and navigate to those spaces using take away directionals via the digital kiosk.

Transportation Information: Users can also use the digital kiosk to learn information about subway travel and metro north travel, as well as directions to transportation entry ways within the terminal.


Interviews with commuters and tourists in the terminal assisted in the development user insights and target segmentation; user interviews were recorded using the Voice Memo application native to the iPhone. 

Post-interview, affinity maps were used to clarify majority user needs/commonly expressed navigational issues, in overlap with my assumed data (based on firsthand observational research)

Examples of User Questions Proposed: 
How you do feel about navigating 
Grand Central currently?

Do you feel comfortable mapping out
your travel route?

Does this terminal inspire you

to visit other parts of NYC?

What is your favorite part of
Grand Central?

Are there any tech updates that you
wish they would make to the terminal?


After reviewing data, the main insights were: a need for clearer accessible signage, maintaining architectural integrity, and creating navigation that provided knowledge of amenities without interruption to general traffic flow.