Global Citizen

Global Citizen

Art Direction • Motion Design

The goal of this assignment was to create a time-based quantitative infographic that is universally understandable and self-explanatory. Students will define their own research topic based on one of the sociological issues facing their own city/country today. 

Video Requirements: Duration: 90 sec. (minimum) / Dimensions: 1920 (W) x 1080 (h) / format: H.264


I chose to create a kinetic typography driven mini-doc, centered on the correlation between American citizens who travel, vs. those that do not. 


Tan Brown – Editing and Animation 

Visual Design


The goal of this video was to highlight the data on the political and socioeconomic ramifications of being ignorant to global perspectives (as a result of not traveling or lack of education). 

Design Process


After determining my topic and completing research, I was tasked with developing a rough draft for the video’s script. Below is a shot of my draft, to be later used for the final cut. 


Before moving into After Effects, I used photoshop to create a general outline and story board for how I wanted the final video to present. I sourced multiple stock video sites to pull together the animatic drafts, some of which were eventually utilized to create the final edit for the project. 

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