Hi! My name is Tan ☺︎ and I'm a Multi-Disciplined Creative, with a special focus in digital, web & brand identities

Selected Projects

◆ Branding

❖ UI

☆ Digital design

✖︎ Strategy / Art Direction

A digital branding kit for Arcological, a Protocol Labs funding group.

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A digital branding kit, created for Data Onboarding, a Protocol Labs data management project. 

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Illustrations executed for multi-purpose usage across the Filecoin communication channels.

◎ Updates in Progress

A branding kit for CryptoEconLab, a Protocol Labs funding group.

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A conference info-site created for Filecoin Orbit’s First Year Virtual Conference, a Protocol Labs data management project. 

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Digital Assets for “Go Lab”, a Meta/Instagram creator program

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Creative Strategy for “Go Lab”, a Meta/Instagram creator program

Updates in Progress

Development of a visual identity and stylistic creative direction for BetsyElisa Inc. across social platforms

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Development of assets and design strategy for Social Q agency’s brand presence on twitter and instagram

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If you made it this far, below are some School era, self initiated projects 🙂
I’m also a songwriter, so if you need a jam while you work, stream me 🎵

↓ Self initiated Projects

As a student, I was tasked with pitching a UI design for a product that would solve a modern humanitarian issue. iMemory is an integrated digital legacy solution for apple iphone. Using Apple’s existing iCloud technology, iMemory would allow Apple users to determine how their data is handled once they depart into the next life.

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A digital wayfinding UI/UX navigational kiosk concept, for Grand Central Terminal.

Updates in Progress